January 28, 2012

Transit (2012)

Let's just be honest here; Transit sucked. It's packed with actors that we love, had an interesting enough premise, but it was just a sloppy mess of plot devices strung together to achieve a running time.

The plot involves an ex-con traveling with his family through the bayou country in an SUV, when they run afoul of a gang of bank robbers. The bank robbers end up stashing their stash of cash in the family truckster to avoid capture, and then spend the rest of the movie trying to get it back.

Of course the problem with that premise is that trying to get the money back involves a lot of nonsensical, cliche, and just plain annoying actions on all of the characters parts, and in the end, what could have been a cool heist flick starring some cool actors just turned out to be tedious and dull.

We obviously didn't like the movie, and don't recommend it to you, but in the spirit of fairness, here are 5 things about Transit that we did like.

Jim Caviezel- He's an awesome actor that never seems to get his due, You wanna see how bad ass he can be, check him out in CBS's Person of Interest.
James Frain- Another hell-of-an-actor, especially when he's playing a bad guy, ala True Blood. He really is menacingly fun to watch.
The Milf.
Michael, from L O S T.
Diora Baird and the curious case of the juggs that just wont quit.
Aside from those redeeming factors, Transit is a run of the mill, by-the-numbers Thriller that wastes its potential and isn't memorable enough to even be forgettable. It's well made and well cast, just not well thought out or executed.


 One more time... Diora Baird!

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