January 3, 2012

Digital Dread for January 3rd

The first Tuesday of 2012 is here and that means DVDs!

The only must see this week is Contagion. If you like viral epidemic movies and Steven Soderbergh's film making style, this movie is all you.

The jury's still out on Don't Let Him In, but we will let you know what we think shortly.

As for the other video gems on the list, no thanks. 2 Syfy flicks, a lame shark movie, and an underwhelming Del Toro produced "haunted house" story... we love them not.


What will you rent, buy, or avoid?


  1. Is "Don't Let Him In" a parody of "Let the Right One In/ Let Me In" a la the "Scary Movie" franchise?

  2. We don't think it's a parody at all, but after having seen it, we wish it had been.

    The title could have been inspired aka ripped off though. That seems logical.