January 10, 2012

DVD releases for January 10th

This weeks DVD offerings are... interesting? January does tend to be a dumping ground for studios both theatrically and with home video; this is the month when the junk they don't have much faith in gets thrown out there.

We can't say much about any of them really, aside from Kenneyville could be decent. Groupie was alright. Detention sucked. Stag Night of the Dead might be worth it for the boobs. As for the rest, good luck and let us know how they are, we wont be renting them.

Maybe one of these weeks we'll get some releases worth chasing...


What will you rent, buy, or avoid?


  1. The posters for A Darker Reality and Diablo attracted my attention so I clicked on them and then read the IMDb comments. The first comment (of a maximum of 10) is always saying how different and good the film is, while all the others (which are not on the front page) are saying how utterly stupid and bad they are. Funny and sad at the same time.

  2. I've actually heard that 'Stag Night of the Dead' is better than its cover makes it out to be... but then again... it probably is still mostly just worth it for the boobs...

  3. Kev, it looks bad, but we'll give it a go.

    And Side, with IMDB I've come to believe that a lot of the overwhelmingly good comments on said shitty movies must come from cast & crew, or friends of the cast & crew.