January 23, 2012

Kill List (2012)

It's about time that we got to talk about a good movie for a change, as all of the junkers we've been watching of late have begun to wear on us...

Kill List is an interesting little movie that's best described as two British Hitmen run afoul of... well, we don't really want to say what they run afoul of, as it will ruin things for you.

Let's just break down the plot like this: after a job gone wrong, two British Hitmen decide to pull one last job (never heard this plot synopsis before, have you?), only to find that the job goes deeper and has more creepy twists than they could have ever expected...

So yeah, we just described the plot of most generic, B-grade action/heist flicks, even though Kill List is anything but. What we have here is a movie about some Hitmen that descends into some crazy Horror flick territory as it wears on, ending smack dab in the middle of WTF-ville. The end of Kill List seems to have divided audiences into love it or hate it camps; as for us, we liked it but think that it happened so suddenly and ended so abruptly, that it really didn't have time to affect us as it should have. It also left us with some questions that will no doubt never have clear answers, and that is never a good thing in our book.

Like us, he is searching for answers...
We can say that the movie didn't shy away from the violence, some of which was pretty cringe-inducing. It is about Hitmen after all, so you'd hope there would be some good whacking going on, right? Where the movie truly shines though, is in the subtlety of whats really going on underneath the surface if things; as we said before, where the movie goes is interesting and made us want to see it again, just to see what signs and portents we missed the first time around. Wish we could say more, but that would make us the kind of dicks that like to ruin a good thing for people, and we hate those kinds of dicks.

This picture is spoilerish enough.
Had Kill List given us a bit more to cleanse our pallet with at the end, we would have liked it more. As it stands, Kill List is a gritty, realistic, and fun ride that manages to throw a few interesting twists our way, and take the Hitman/Crime Thriller sub-genre to a whole new depth of eerie. Better than most, not as good as some, you should definitely give this one a spin in your DVD players.


Despite her being in the final two Twilight movies, we still have to give some love to Myanna Buring... because how does someone so tiny get such big boobies?



  1. Can't wait to check this out myself. It seems very divisive!

  2. This film left me feeling quite weird.It's a damn good film and it's good to see 'Tires'(Watch the Simon Pegg comedy series Spaced)back on our screens.It was an damn fine bit of British cinema.

  3. Honestly maybe a tad overrated. Bloody disgusting called it their best film 2011. I don't think it's close to that but I think it will age well and will probably improve on repeated viewings.

  4. Really excited to see this one, it didn't hit any cinemas anywhere near me so missed out seeing it when I should have done. Plus it has Michael Smiley, if I didn't need another reason to see Kill List.

  5. I can't believe that I watched the entire film only because you said it was good. I can't believe it was so incredibly bad. WTF?! This was a monumental waste of time. Even bloody Eyes Wide Shut was better than this. Was it a joke? A personal death wish that readers of the blog would come with pitch and torch and kill you? Ugh!

  6. They've tried ti kill me before, and they will again...

    Side, it's like this: as Americans, we see and like certain British films that Brits or Europeans may think nothing of or hate. Kill List is the kind of flick we usually enjoy, and aside from the end, was an enjoyable hit man flick.

    Compared to most horror flicks released in the US, this was a breath of fresh air.

    That being said, there are many folks who hated this movie. Ivwe seen far too many horrendous films to even begin to dislike this one.

    Plus, you are usually hard to please :)

    We ought to get a podcast where you and I debate each other on films we disagree with, I'm pretty sure that would be brilliant.

  7. Anon, BD tends to overrate plenty of less than stellar films. WE liked Kill List, but it was nowhere near best of the year.

  8. Yeah I still agree with the review! A B+ but not into A territory!

  9. "they tried, and will try again, and sometimes they will succeed again".

    You mean like sports commentators in the US? That would be funny. "Look at that severed head fly... it went... yes, it went over the fence, I can't believe it!". But nah, I would have to watch all those slasher films that you like and bore me to hell.

  10. Yeah, kinda like that Side.

    Good slashers can be fun. They're rare though. Sometimes mindless can be rewarding.

  11. this film has been a total letdown! the review was way too appealing...
    by the way, what film are the right column banners of the girl with the plastic bag and the person in the sack?

  12. Rahul, tthat's a concept picture from apt 1303 3D, which isnt released yet.

    And yeah, some people didnt like Kill List. Totally understandable.