January 25, 2012

DVD Releases for January 24th

Finally, we have a good mix of releases to choose from this week. The best bets look to be The Woman and Paranormal Activity 3, both of which were good in their own way. The House on Sorority Row is a great old school slasher seeing a re-release, and should definitely be in any horror fans slasher collection. Real Steel was mindless fun, if you like robot boxing, I suppose.

The Iron Rose and The Naked Vampire are worth a look, if you like your horror in the old 70's exploitation vein.

The rest are a crap shoot. Ron Jeremy, Michael Madsen, Porn Stars, cheesy vampires, Asian revenge and a rubber-masked Satan... if I had to pick one of them not to suck, It'd have to be Punished, which could end up being good.

*Click the pics for more info on the releases.


What will you rent, buy, or avoid?

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  1. The woman was awesome!!Major social commentary.A must see :)