January 15, 2012

The Skin I Live In (2011/2012)

For all of you ladies the world over that thought that  Antonio Banderas was just a tall, dark and handsome dream boat, guess what? He's also creepy as hell!

Sorry to break that news to you, but El Guapo is now El Creepo. Think that's crazy talk? Watch this movie and you'll see that it's not.

This is going to be a hard movie to talk about. this movie not only has a lot of intertwining plot threads that unravel themselves slowly, to eventually reveal a bigger picture, but it's also got a pretty big twist that will shock you into disbelief... and we just can't bring ourselves to spoil it for you.

Who's sexy now, eh ladies?
The Skin I Live In is the story of a surgeon who has created a synthetic skin that can not be burned, using "mice" as test subjects. These "mice" end up being a hot as sin Spanish chick, who spends all day laying around naked in her new, perfect skin. Who is she and why is she there are the real mysteries at play here, and as the answers begin to come to light, we're reminded that the world is filled with some creepy sons of bitches.

At first we were like, no! But then we were like, yeah, go ahead...
There's so much naked sexiness in this movie that it distracted us from the violent and twisted shenanigans of it all for a while. Once the true secrets of the movie were revealed however, the sexiness we felt quickly turned to shame. Dirty, dirty shame. Again, we're going to skip details here so as not to ruin the natural evolution of the story (and your eventual cringing), but trust us when we say that it's just plain wrong!  

Pedro, you toyed with our emotions!

Aww, she's in love.
Many consider Pedro Almodovar to be a Master Filmmaker, and who are we to argue; the guy knows his business and makes some great movies. Since he managed to both titillate and repulse us at the same time with The Skin I Live In, we have to say his foray into the realm of "Horror" was a successful one. If you like to get the willies in a classy way now and then, this movie is your ticket.

Just, you know, prepare to have your sexuality challenged...


Want a glimpse of the sexiness that The Skin I Live In has to offer? Then check the post below...

"Ssh... ssh... I'm Antonio Banderas, and that makes everything I'm doing to you alright."


  1. Saw this last night, loved it, 8/10 from me.

  2. Brilliant film and completely terrifying, I can't help but thing of Banderas as El Creepo now. He's no longer Puss, which is probably a good thing

  3. Well Amy, we could always just call him creepy puss and be done with it :)