November 6, 2011

Quick Review: Episode 50 (2011)
Episode 50 is the story of a reality TV crew that runs around debunking the alleged haunting of different locations.

Their newest episode (which is #50, btw), involves a local asylum that is supposedly the gateway to hell. Its reclusive owner has granted Jack and his team exclusive access to his asylum, and so they head off to debunk and conquer...

Sadly, there's not much about this movie that's likable or scary. It's supposed to be a Found Footage flick, and yet we have a musical score that plays throughout. We get plenty of flashes of ghosts and spectres, but they never really amount to anything beyond a jump-scare or two.

Cool visuals though.
The acting is poor across the board, which never allows us to get into or care about the characters. And of course, the characters do nonsensical and unrealistic things in the face of such presumed danger, which really just frustrates us as viewers, and kills almost all of the believability... which is basically the cornerstone of any Found Footage flick, no?

The CGI Demon thing at the end was pretty bad too.

At least the movie had a few cuties in it to keep us entertained.
A mostly uneventful Hand Held/Found Footage flick that was decent enough, Episode 50 didn't really pack much of a punch or many scares. This movie tried way to hard to be engrossing and multi-layered, when it should have just gone the minimalistic route. It would have actually worked then.

Why are you talking to a closet? Are the clothes haunted?
QT x 2.

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  1. Totally shocked by this review. I saw this a few years ago and loved it. It was the best horror I had seen in ages and definitely the best " found footage " horror I had ever seen. I mentioned it to some horror fans at work and they loved it too. If there is anyone out there who is thinking of watching it, give it a go - it's really good.