November 22, 2011

Quick Review: Alyce Kills (2011)
Alyce is the story of two slutty bar whores, one of whom pushes the other off of a roof while high, and ends up going bat-shit crazy from the guilt.

For a movie that uses the phrase "delves into a brutal nightmare wonderland of sex, drugs and violence" in it's description, you'd think they'd have gone a bit further down the exploitation road with it. The only thing that gets crazy explicit was the violence, and that wasn't until the very end, for the most part.

It's definitely a psych-job of a movie, which turns into a Torture Porn kinda thing in the last 20 minutes or so... and let us just say that the ending does get plenty bloody and nasty.

Dude, why?
The problem is that the rest of the movie leading up to that point was slow and uneventful. Alyce turns to drugs to cope with her Demons, but there's not a ton of sex. Maybe it's better to call the movie uneven as opposed to uneventful. There's plenty of drama to be had, it's just that nothing much "happens" until the end.

Don't worry hun, we were in a coma during most of this one too.
As a psychological drama, the movie works well. As a Horror flick, it's a middle of the road sort of affair. They really should have mixed it up a bit more.

The ladies of Alyce Kills gave us more thrills than chills. I don't know, that's all we've got.

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