November 22, 2011

Quick Review: 8213 Gacy House (2011)
8213: Gacy House had its moments. It was creepy here and there, but it was such a stupid fucking movie, that in the end, those few decent moments were easily forgotten.

The fact that it was a Found Footage/POV flick is what hurt it the most, with its characters acting in asinine ways simply to keep the POV going until the end of the movie, so that there could be a movie at all.

It does work as a comedy though, albeit a tasteless one; the scene of Gacy's ghost pantsing a guy and dragging him down the hallway to partake in some gay-ghost rape was pretty funny. Unintentionally.

The rapey ghost of John Wayne Gacy.
The dialogue was great too, with characters roaming around the house asking "Gacy... are you down here?," or  "Let us know your presence is here," or "Are there any dead boys in that crawlspace?" The coup de shitting writing grace though, has to be this line: "Dammit Gacy! How frank do I have to be with you!"

Who write that line un-ironically?

Come on, man!
Unless you're a Hand Held/Found Footage flick junkie, you should just skip this one altogether, although you could go ahead and watch this if you like to laugh at really shitty movies.

At least there were tits.
Like most crappy Horror flicks, this one at least had some hot chicks on display to ease our pain.

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