July 20, 2017

#SDCC Trailer: Bright (2017)

"Set in a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for."

Netflix is attempting to play with the big boys by giving us a $100 million original movie about Will Smith and an orc trying to find a magical sword. Who would come up with an idea that crazy, you might ask, well Max Landis of course, which makes us kinda nervous, because his films have all kinda sucked.

I have to admit though, that as odd and maybe even silly as Bright looks, I think it might end up being pretty cool. Will Smith looks in top form, and Joel Edgerton is awesome, so being that most of us grew up playing D&D, we're willing to give this one a chance.

Bright hits Netflix on December 22nd.

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