July 21, 2017

What's New on VOD This Week? (7/18-7/21)

There are 11 new and noteworthy movies hitting VOD this week, and aside from one or two of them, they all look like they might be redeeming in their own way.

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

*If you aren't already a member, you should really give Amazon Prime a shot, especially if you order movies on the regular like we do, because the free two-day shipping pays for itself after around 10 orders. Check it out for free HERE.

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  • Killing Ground is the one to see this week. Our review is nearly finished, but for now we'll say that this movie made us afraid to go camping; in Australia or anywhere else. 
  • Lake Alice looks like it might be a cool backwoods slasher flick. 
  • Colossal looks like a lot of fun, and we could use a light-hearted flick this weekend. 
  • Speaking of giant Kaiju, We're looking forward to the city-stomping madness of Shin Godzilla
  • Del Playa is a flick that showed up on Amazon today, that we know nothing about... and the trailer looks pretty damned good. Might have to give this one a go. 
  • Not sure what to make of Sleight, but it looks kinda cool, and it's gotten some great reviews, so it just might be a worthwhile rental. 
  • The Gracefield Incident, Residue, and Phoenix Forgotten each look promising, in that B-movie kind of way. 
  • Playing With Dolls: Havoc may just satisfy our cravings for a bloody slasher flick.. or it may suck.
  • Ditto Bonejangles
  • Happy streaming!

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