July 29, 2017

Import Review: Ibiza Undead (2017)

"Ibiza Unfunny."

For those of us who love raunchy teen comedies like The Inbetweeners, and who adore zombie films, a movie like Ibiza Undead sounds like a brilliant idea; you get some dorky guys, some smoking hot girls, send them on vacation to a gorgeous paradise, and have them fight for their lives against hordes of undead whist cracking off filthy jokes and one-liners, and trying to get laid at every turn.

Well, the idea sounds great, and they really tried with this one, but Ibiza Undead doesn't really make it to good side of the the funny-meets-bloody fence.

Emily Atack is in it though, so that makes it watchable enough. For the most part.

In the midst of a worldwide zombie epidemic, a group of British teens decide to head to Ibiza to party, because no matter how bad things get in the world, kids will always need to get messed up and have as much sex as possible. And honestly, why not do it in Ibiza if you're going to do it?

Big Jim, Alex, and Az are three lovable losers who just want to meet some girls. Or, as Big Jim puts it (about 300 times throughout the movie), shag some sluts and bitches. Alex's older sister and her hot friend, as well as Alex's hot ex-girlfriend are along for the ride, so the stage is set... but they want to meet some guys who aren't gimps, so the it's not long before the fish out of water sexual hilarity ensues!

And of course it's also not long before the zombie apocalypse of Ibiza ensues, which makes the whole "let's get laid, bruv" aspect of the trip a moot point... or maybe it makes it that much more important? It's one of those. Whichever one it is, the partiers must band together if they're ever going to escape Ibiza alive.

Ibiza Undead is a decent enough zombie flick that boasts a gorgeous location, some great bloody visuals, and some sexy ladies behaving badly, but doesn't really meld the world of comedy and horror together all that well.

And that's the main problem with this movie: it's supposed to be a comedy, and it isn't all that funny. Maybe that stems from the fact that the characters, and the funny bits that they try to drop on us, were written in the shallow end of the quality pool. The worst had to be Big Jim, who was so over-the-top and unfunny, that we honestly wondered how it all went wrong. Stiffer was funny in American Pie, as was Jay in The Inbetweeners (which this movie is clearly modeled after), but the attempt to recreate that same kind of vulgar-yet-lovable character here came nowhere close to that level of good.

Emily Atack was surprisingly good in this one though. Where we just expected her to be a vapid tart with no depth, her character was actually given a bit of substance, and she milked it for all it was worth. Vagina Lipkiss Algina Lipskis did a nice job in her supporting role as well. Everyone else, meh.

There are actually some good gore gags throughout this one.

Lots of hot chicks in bikinis, and Emily Atack shares a snog with Algina Lipskis, but for a raunchy sex comedy, this one is very light on the visceral raunch.

Ibiza Undead is a fun enough flick, but it just doesn't offer enough bloody bits to please Horror fans, and it's not very funny at all, even if a few jokes do land here and there.

Overall, this is a movie that you might want to check out when it hits Netflix and the like, and save your DVD $$$ for a rainy day. Or a better movie.


Ibiza Undead is available on Import DVD now. *Region-Free player required.


Apparently, Ibiza is the place to go to find lovely ladies.

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