July 7, 2017

What's New on VOD This Week? (7/4-7/7)

An interesting week on the VOD front, I'd say that 4 out of the 6 new genre movies released this week might just be a satisfying watch.

At least I hope so, anyhow.

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  • A Night of Horror Volume 1 looks like it might be a better-than-average Horror Anthology. The trailer certainly caught our attention. 
  • Blood Hunters (One Drop) looks alright for what it is.
  • Free Fire was a decent enough heist flick that takes (mostly) place in one room. It's got a great cast, and if you like Ben Wheatley's work, you'll most likely have fun with this one. 
  • Ghost in the Shell met with poor Box Office an reviews, but it's git Scarjo jumping around in a  tight body suit, so the primordial apes in us are going to have to give it a watch just to see how bad it really is. 
  • Part Supernatural Thriller, part nanny from hell flick, Mother looks interesting enough to warrant a look see. 
  • And Unforgettable looks anything but. Even our love for Rosario Dawson might not be enough to get us to spend 90-minutes on this one. 
  • Happy streaming!

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