March 24, 2017

What's New on VOD This Week? (3/21-3/24)

Big week on the VOD front, as Rogue One and a slew of other genre releases have us wondering what we're going to watch first.

Probably Darth Vader again.

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

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  1. Rogue One is without a doubt THE movie to rent this week, although it's only available for purchase via Digital HD, and not for rental for two weeks, but it's still worth it. It's a great Star Wars story, and it's worth watching for Darth Vader's big scene alone; it's been a long while since a scene in a movie made me geek out like the "Red" scene did, and it's one of the best bits that's ever been in a Star Wars movie. Darth Vader needs a solo movie in a bad way.
  2. If Dig Two Graves wasn't exclusively available on iTunes (won't use iTunes, hate it), we'd be watching it right now. The trailer's got a cool retro vibe about it, and advanced reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, so as soon as it hits Amazon, we're all over it.
  3. It's hard to decide which movie we most want to see next, House on Willow Street, Death Passage, and Bokeh all look fantastic. I think I'd pick Bokeh to watch first, mainly because the trailer makes me want to know what in the hell is going on in a big way, plus, Maika Monroe is awesome; I'd most likely go with Death Passage next, as we've been waiting to see the Aussie slasher since it was Lemon Tree Passage; but then House on Willow Street looks like a righteous home invasion flick... If only I had a three-sided coin. 
  4. Atomica looks interesting, and after the work that Dominic Monaghan did in Pet, we're curious to see if he goes full-creep in this one too. 
  5. The Control Group and Killer App look cheap, so we'll be skipping them.
  6. Happy streaming!

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    Have you seen "Get Out" yet!?!?
    IDK if it's still in the theaters, but you should go watch it.
    I can't even.... I couldn't tell you anything about it without giving anything away.
    If this one is off your radar, then I suggest that you do NOT watch any trailers or reviews or even the fucking description of it, because I didn't until after I watched a shitty copy of it, and it def will give away some of the surprise. All I can say is they blend some old school style creepiness with LOL humor perfectly. I have never heard of the actor that plays his buddy, but he is fucking funny as fuck.