March 16, 2017

Random Picture Round-Up: Upcoming Movie Edition

We spend a lot of time here at THC searching for great pictures to use in our reviews, for our banners, and for whatever else strikes our fancy. It's not always easy finding the perfect screenshot, but when we do find pictures that make us laugh, say "What the hell?," or are just plain awesome, we save them.

Unfortunately, we never use them all, and so they just sit there in our picture folder, waiting... which is why we decided to start posting them in random groups on a weekly basis!

They might even help you to decide what to watch.

This time out we're taking a look at some upcoming movies that have us intrigued, based on these promo photos alone. *Except for The Devil's Candy, which we've been intrigued by for months now.

  • You can click each pic to find out what movie they're from, if you don't recognize them. The links go to either IMBD or Amazon
  • The movie's titles are also in the file name of the pictures, if you decide to save them to your computer. 
  • Enjoy!


  1. Looking forward to Baby Driver?


  2. I need to watch THE DEVIL'S CANDY. What is that guy doing to that beautiful Gibson Flying V guitar? Is he really going to smash it on someone's head? Or even worse, smash it into something solid, like concrete? Michael Schenker would die of dehydration from all the tears he'd shed...

    1. Just watched it last night, and let me say... you jsut made me want to go listen to MSG! Thanks, Phil :)

      Seriously though, that movie rocked hard.