March 3, 2017

What's New on VOD This Week? (2/28- 3/3)

Not a bad crop of VOD releases for this, the first week of March.

Headshot is where it's at for us.

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  1. Headshot! Yes, we're really excited that the new Mo Brothers (Timo Tjahjanto & Kimo Stanboel) flick is finally available to check out here in the U.S. In case you dont' know about these guys, they gave us the excellent Serial Killer flick, Killers (review HERE), Macabre, and the best segment of V/H/S 2, Safe Haven. They also have a connection to The Raid movies, so really, they make movies that are right up our alley, and we'll watch anything they come out with. 
  2. Dolph Lundgren trying to save a small Mississippi town from a Demon? Yeah, Don't Kill It sounds like stupid fun to us. 
  3. Officer Downe is one we'll check out just for Kim Coates alone; the guy is a hell of an actor, and it's got to be fun to see him play a cyborg (?) cop in such a campy looking flick.
  4. Lavender looks like a run-of-the mill supernatural yarn, but Abbie Cornish is a solid actress, so maybe it might rise above our expectations.
  5. We're surprised to see James Franco starring in a Horror flick, so at the very least, The Institute has that going for it. It also stars Pamela Anderson and Eric Roberts though, so...
  6. And for a quick Indie fix, The Drifter looks all kinds of violent and pulpy.
  7. Happy streaming!

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