March 1, 2017

Alien: Covenant Gets an Official Trailer!

We've already seen the teaser trailer (which was great), but this new official trailer for Alien: Covenant kicks things up a notch or 10, and it's got us frothing at the damn mouth to see it.

Before we get to that though, take a look at this 4-minute long prologue, which gives us a look at the crew of the spaceship Covenant.

That cast, and the characters they are playing, all seem instantly likeable. For me, it's great to see Danny McBride up to his usual funny tricks, because the guy is awesome; and to see Indie Horror darling Amy Seimetz in a movie this big does our hearts good too.

And Michael Fassbender is awesome. 

Now that you're feeling all warm and fuzzy about the characters, and how they all seem to be one big, happy family, let's take a look at the brand new trailer that dropped yesterday, to see what's in store for them.

Holy shit, it's death. Death is in store for them.

This movie is going to rock in so many ways.

The only drawback about the whole thing for me so far is what in the hell is with Katherine Waterston's hair? Seriously, what were they thinking?

Alien: Covenant opens in theaters everywhere on May 19th.

1 comment :

  1. Liked 95% of the trailer, but the last few seconds has me nervous. Bad CGI and cheesy direction/camerawork during the alien attack.