June 3, 2014

10 more Horror Cats that need your attention right meow!

We're pretty sure that 90% of Horror movies are contractually obligated to have a cat in them, mainly for the purpose of the ever-famous "Mrrrrooowww!" Jump-Scare; you know the one where someone either opens a door/cabinet/box.etc, or is roaming around in a dark house asking "Hello? Is anybody there?," and then a cat pops out and scares the shit out of them.

That's the famous "Mrrrrooowww!" Jump-Scare. Good times.

Sometimes they jump out and scare people, sometimes they stare and hiss, and sometimes they even maul people to death. Sometimes, they even save lives.

No matter what role a cat plays in their Horror movie, we always remember them fondly... unless of course you hate cats, then you probably remember them un-fondly. Either way is fine with us, really.

So let's take a look at 10 more cats who made an impact on our Horror watching lives.*If you really love cats, then be sure to check out our previous installment of 10 Horror Cats, because it's full of cats too.

Clovis (Sleepwalkers)
Has there ever been a more heroic cat than Clovis? Maybe so, but the way he straight up fought the "shape-shifting energy vampires" of Sleepwalkers was inspirational, none the less. At one point during the film, Clovis saves Madchen Amick's life by unleashing a furious barrage of Cat Karate on the main Sleepwaker's face, which nearly kills him.

There are a ton of cats in Sleepwalkers that do battle against the bad guys, but it is Clovis who leads the charge. Good boy, Clovis. Good boy.

Unlucky (Inside/A L'interieur)
As if the 2007 French Shocker Inside (A L'interieur) wasn't nasty and bloody enough, leave it to creepy-ass Beatrice Dalle to crush a poor little kitty's head, making it even worse. Great movie, but a painful end for a sweet little cat who only wanted to be held. Unlucky was unlucky indeed.

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Gabriel (The Crow)
The Crow is one of those movies that we see as being as close to perfect as a movie gets; it's atmospheric, full of all sorts of crazy-awesome action set pieces, boasts a brilliant soundtrack, and has tons of heart. It also boasts the last performance of the gone-too-son Brandon Lee, who seemed born to play the tragic part of Eric Draven.

When Draven first returns to life, he is confused and disoriented, and swinging all over the place like a fool... until he comes across his cat Gabriel. Gabriel is still hanging out at the apartment where Draven and his true love were brutally murdered, and his appearance calms Eric down, and maybe reminds him a bit of the humanity that he used to possess.

It's a small role for a cat, but an important one. Also, we use a picture of the scene where Eric and Gabriel are reunited as our closing header below, because it's pretty great. Excellent movie, cool cat.

General (Cat's Eye)
General is probably the first Horror Cat that we remember, mainly because we were in love with Drew Barrymore when we were wee little kiddies, and General ends up saving her life in Cat's Eye.

"Hearing" a call for help from a little girl (Barrymore), General sets out for New York City, and goes through hell to reach her in time to save her life. He gets chased by Cujo; he's nearly run over by Christine; he almost dies helping James Woods to quit smoking; he fights the mob; and finally, he defeats a breath-stealing troll, thus saving Drew Barrymore's fragile little life in the process.

Alright, so maybe General is more bad-ass in this movie than Clovis was in Sleepwalkers. He did go through a lot more shit to save a kids life, after all. Still, we love them both.

Jinxy (The Children)
In a movie full of creepy killer kids, you have to know that the little bastards are going to kill any pets that are roaming around, and that's exactly what they do to the family cat, Jinxy.

Jinxy never bothered anybody. All he ever wanted to do was play, catch some naps, meow, get high off of some catnip now and then... and The Children killed him first! At least we didn't have to see the carnage first hand, but seeing Jinxy's empty collar later in the film was haunting enough.

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Jonesy (Alien)
One of the most famous Horror Cats of all-time, Jonesy is truly a classic. Not only were he and Ripley the only survivors of the Nostromo, but he also lived longer than any cat in history, because he was frozen in a cryo-chamber for 57 years, after which he just kept on living his cat life. Jonesy probably loved to be 70-something, which is pretty awesome. Suck it, other cats!

It's fair to note that had Jonesy not been too small for the Xenomorph to ram its overpositor down his throat, thus impregnating him with a face-hugger baby, he would have died long before he had any chance to escape. Luck was most definitely on his side.

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Kitty (Drag Me to Hell)
There were actually two cats in Drag Me to Hell; Hecuba, and Kitty. We chose to spotlight Kitty over Hecuba, mainly because of the way that cold-hearted Alison Lohman dispatched of him. That's right, she sacrificed that poor little thing in an attempt to save her own ass. On the Unrated Blu-ray, the scene in which she stabs the hell out of it and then chucks its lifeless corpse into an open grave can be seen in all of its uncut glory, and will most likely mortify cat lovers.

Later in the film , there's a scene where Alison Lohman says "We used to have a cat" which made us laugh our asses off. See, out of horrible death comes fantastic comedy! We may be too twisted for our own good.

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Miss Kitty Fantastico (Buffy)
Never watched much Buffy, have no idea what's up with this cat, but we love the hell out of her name, Miss Kitty Fantastico. Sure, it sounds a little bit Hipster-ish, but it makes us laugh every time we hear it, so there you have it.

It's always the little things that amuse us to no end.

Old Man (Strays)
Why does this cat look like an old Asian man out of some 70's Kung-Fu flick? We have no idea, but we're really digging that "Destroy them!" look on his cat face.

If you've never seen Strays, it's a cheesy little flick about a family that movies into a new house, finds a family of cats living there, and is subsequently terrorized by them. That plot is pretty ridiculous to us, because couldn't you just drop-kick the average cat across the room if it tried to scratch or bite you? We would, and we love animals.

Mar (The Grudge)
Lots of people didn't care for the American remake of Ju-on, The Grudge. We did, and we're not ashamed to admit it. It was mostly an effective creep-fest, and yes, the creepy black cat made it even worse.

Mar is a vengeful spirit that lures people to their deaths, and in typical cat fashion, he doesn't seem bothered by it at all. Whether in the original or remake, Mar is an evil, creepy little bastard.

So there you have it; 10 cats that made the Horror movies they starred in all the more memorable. Shame that most of them are probably dead now, but hey, we'll always have their memorable performances to hang on to. Right?


  1. What about Winston Churchill from Pet Semetary?

  2. Church was featured in our first Horror Cats list (in orange), which we linked at the top of this one. We would never forget Church!