June 24, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for June 24th

Next Tuesday will be the first day of July, and we're not exactly sure where this year has gone so quickly. At least we have a solid crop of New Releases on Blu-ray & DVD to see June out in proper fashion!

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On the Blu-ray front this week, we get two of the year's best movies, one sequel to a blockbuster that was far better than most people give it credit for, and an school schlockfest.

Wolf Creek 2 (Our Review HERE) may well be the best Horror movie (so far) of 2014. This sequel is nastier and moves much quicker than Wolf Creek (2005), and we loved just about every second of it. We still don't understand why Wolf Creek (2005) is still not available on Blu-ray in the U.S., but we have to imagine that it will see a release at some point. Until then, we'll just have to own Wolf Creek 2 in HD all by its lonesome.

300: Rise of an Empire did alright at the Box Office for a sequel, grossing more than $330 million Worldwide. Was it as good as the first 300 movie? No, not really. Was it enjoyable as hell, and did it make a great companion piece to the first 300 movie? Absolutely. This movie goes in our collections on day one.

Enemy (Our Review HERE) is one of those thinky head trips that had us mesmerized for just about every second of its running time. Yes, it confused us at times and kept us guessing, and yes, the ending made us cry out "what the hell just happened!" but as an experience, this movie was entirely surreal and unsettling. Whether you buy it or rent it, you owe it to yourself to experience it.

Screamers (aka Island of the Fishmen) is a cheesy old Italian Horror flick about some rubber-suited fishmen trying to kill everyone on an island. We vaguely recall seeing this one when we were kids, so we may just give it a go to see how it holds up.

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This week also sees a number of solid TV Shows hitting Blu-ray, including one of our favorite shows of 2013, The Bridge. (Our Review HERE). Bron/Broen is a Scandinavian TV Show that was so popular that it earned itself two international remakes: one here in the U.S., and one in Great Britain. Other versions aside, we loved the hell of the U.S. incarnation, The Bridge. The idea of an Aspie Cop being the best at what she does was fascinating to us, and watching Diane Kruger play her was even more fascinating; her Sonya Cross was easily one of the best characters on any TV Show in 2013. Watching Kruger go back and forth with her costar, Demian Bichir, was probably the highlight of every episode. We're excited for Season Two of The Bridge to hit FX in July, but until then, we'll just have to watch Season One again as a refresher.

Orphan Black is a show that we're way behind on. Most people who are current with it say that it's fantastic, and that star Tatiana Maslany deserves an Emmy Nomination for playing something like 7 different roles on the show. Sounds like we need to catch up and see what all of the fuss is about.

I have never, ever been much of a Star Trek fan, but there are those amongst us here at THC that are diehard Trekkies, so this week's Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray should have them all in a tizzy.

Finally, we've never given much time to Lost Girl, so we can't say much about it. It's pretty popular in Canada though, so, check it out?


On the DVD front, Repentance looks pretty interesting, mainly because Forest Whittaker is one hell of an actor, but that's about it. The Ouija Experiment looks pretty bad, and The Witches of East End is a cheesy Soap Opera for girls.

So in summary, it looks like it's Wolf Creek 2, Enemy, 300: Rise of an Empire, and Season One of The Bridge for us this week.

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