June 18, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for the week of June 16th

If you're anything like us, the weather of late has you sweating like a whore in church (sorry Aunt Ida, you always were a bit promiscuous), and this week's releases are no less hot & sinful!

The Criterion Collection's Blu-ray release of Picnic at Hanging Rock (Our Review HERE) tops our Must Have list this week. What an eerie and ethereal piece of work this one is. Do not let the fact that this one is a slow mover scare you off of seeing it; it truly is one of the best psychological Thriller/Mysteries that we've ever seen.

13 Sins (Our Review HERE) was a lot of shameless fun, even if it was implausible and messy at times, and Joy Ride 3 (Our Review HERE) is sure to please the Gorehounds among us.

Joe looks like it may be worth a look, as many are calling it "a great Nicolas Cage movie." The Machine is also on our list, because how can we resist seeing Caity Lotz as a partially naked & deadly android?

On the DVD side of things, we're curious to see Solo, and Dark Souls looks like a nasty little bit of Norwegian fun.

Everything else this week looks to be a crap shoot.

So, a small week overall for releases, but at least there are a few solid flicks worth checking out.

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