June 10, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for June 10th


This week's Release Schedule is n odd one in that it features just as many noteworthy DVD Releases as it does those of the Blu-ray persuasion, which is at least good news for our wallets.

The bulk of our money will go to two TV Shows this week, as they are the best of the week's offerings.


True Detective is one of the best TV Shows that we've seen in years, and for us, it's a definite must own. We can't wait to dive back into the world of Hart and Kohle, especially in Blu-ray quality. This show is as Emmy-worthy as any we've seen over the past year, and if you haven't seen it yet, end that madness and give it a go.

Ray Donovan is another one of our favorite shows that is seeing its BD release today, and thus, will be joining our collection today. It's a great Crime Drama filled with excellent performances, and one of the best shows on cable.

We have yet to sit down and watch the remake of Patrick, but Charles Dance and Sharni Vinson starring in the same movie together guarantees that we will at some point.


On the DVD front we get a few flicks worth checking out.

Haunt (Our Review HERE) was a decent effort and well worth a watch for the average Horror fan. Read our review for more of an in-depth take on the movie.

Hide and Seek is on our schedule for this week, and with all of the praise that it's received, we're expecting it to be another in a long line of great S.Korean Thrillers. We'll let you know.

As far as Ghost of Goodnight Lane goes, it's one of those movies that has been sitting around gathering dust since late 2012 (possibly earlier), so we're not expecting a whole hell of a lot. It does have Danielle Harris and Lacey Chabert going for it, so maybe it will at least be redeemable.


Devil's Knot was decent, but nowhere near as compelling as the actual West Memphis Three documentaries out there.  

The Twilight Zone is obviously a classic.

We have no desire to see Chris Pine starring as Jack Ryan.

As for everything else this week, you'll just have to take your chances.

*So as always, click the pics for info on the flicks!


  1. I can recommend Hide and Seek, the korean movie. Kind of real life horror which could happen to you if somebody is craving for your home.

  2. Now we're extra excited to see it, Myra.