May 31, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD Round-Up for May!

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Did you get your hands on every worthy new Blu-ray and DVD release that came out in May? If not, then here's a handy guide to remind you of what you missed, and what you may need to get a hold of asap!

There were a lot of great Horror and related Genre releases last month, and for our money, the biggest Must Haves were the Blu-rays released by Shout/Scream Factory: Sleepaway Camp, Final Exam, and Evilspeak. To see such old, obscure classics restored in such a gorgeous and loving way really does our Horror Hearts good.

Then again, Cheap Thrills and the various Godzilla movies tickled our creepy love bones just as much, even if it was in a completely different way.

Whatever your taste, peruse the list below and order yourself up some cinematic happiness!

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