May 7, 2014

10 Posters: The Possession Hi-Jinks Edition

Somewhere along the line, Horror filmmakers decided that whenever someone gets possessed by an evil entity (usually a young girl), that they have to bend an contort in odd ways, do all kinds of stuttered and quick movements, make growling noises, and crawl on walls and ceilings. We imagine that the whole trend started with Ju-On: The Grudge or Ringu, but who can say for sure.

We can say for sure that whatever film truly started the whole trend, that The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Last Exorcism films took it to a whole new level of popularity.

It's to the point now that when we see the poster for a new Possession or Haunting flick, that the first thing that comes to mind is usually "Of course she's in a white dress and crawling on the wall, what else would a Demonic Entity do with its newly possessed host!" I mean, there are always variations; like sometimes the girl isn't wearing a white dress at all, and sometimes they are just doing Creepy Yoga instead of skittering across the ceiling like they're supposed to be doing, but for the most part, they all look just about the same.

The following posters are a good example of what we're talking about. Some look cool, while others just look like pale imitations of a once successful theme. Either way, it's interesting to see just how many movie posters these days look like they could be for the same movie.

One of the big Cable Networks got in on the act, but they got really creative and had their "girl in white" contort in mid-air.
Why always the corner? Do evil spirits feel safer there, or do they just think that it scares us more? And are they really just here to scare us to begin with? What is she doing up there!
Did the chick in this movie ever actually crawl down the wall? We honestly can't remember...
Like we can't see you up there!
Maybe evil spirits just like to show off once they've inhabited a fresh, new body. Don't get me wrong, that looks creepy as hell, but where is she going with the whole "posing" thing?
This one couldn't even be bothered to make it up the wall. It's like she said "Eh, this is creepy enough," and just decided to take it easy.
How is she holding on? Are demonic forces magnetic by default?
Another floater, which is at least a bit outside of the norm.
Dear Demonic Entities: That is not the most efficient way to chase after somebody!
...and she's in the corner again. Or archway. Same damn difference.

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  1. Love the coven poster, and if the posted for The Unborn looked less cartoonish it would really freak me out!!