May 14, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for May 13th


Any week that offers us two new titles from Scream Factory is a good week. Final Exam is a truly underrated & unfairly maligned 80's Slasher flick, and Evilspeak is a cheesy gorefest that is a good time despite it being so, well, cheesy. Both are must own titles for lovers of 80's Horror.

The 4-Disc Theatrical Horror Collection has us interested because Let Me In, The Crazies, and Pandorum are all solid flicks that deserve a place in our collections, but why did they have to include Apollo 18 in this set? Every 3 or 4 movie multi-set these days seems to include that one lousy, unwatchable movie, and it's nothing but off-putting to us. We wish that this set was a little cheaper than its current $26.99 price tag too, but it's still a good value for what you get.

Ditto goes for the Ultimate Gangsters Collection; it's a really great deal for those that don't already have the included movies in their collection. The Fast & Furious Collection is a bit much for us at $60 -mainly because we already picked up all of the Vin Diesel-centric F&F for much cheaper individually- but for completeists that don't own them yet, it's a good buy.

I, Frankenstein is worthy of a rental.

The rest of the week's releases are a crapshoot, as always.

*Be sure to click the pics for info on the flicks.

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