May 22, 2014

Get your DVR’s ready, because here are the TV Release Dates for June-August!
Summer may be a busy time for most people, but In between the vacations, barbecues and sunburns, we're going to need something to watch; we have to relax at some point, you know.

While most shows are returning this Summer for their newest Seasons, some other promising new series will just be starting out (The Strain, The Leftovers, Halt and Catch Fire), while still others will take their finals bows (True Blood, Strike Back.)

No matter the case, most of them will at least give us something to do on sleepless nights and rainy days.... or even if we're just being pissy and don't want to go to the beach* again. *Aunt Karen landed us all in jail last time, and we do not need to go through that again.

Click the banner above (or HERE) to view the entire list of upcoming and current TV Shows of note... and set your DVR's! You always forget!

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