May 16, 2014

What's New on VOD This Week?

VOD 550
It's been a slow week on the VOD front.

I, Frankenstein has been available on Amazon Instant for a while now,  but as of the 13th it's available on all VOD platforms. With a whopping 4% Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, we're honestly surprised that it didn't go straight to Netflix.

Compound Fracture looks like it could be a fun low-budget flick. Starring Derek Mears and Tyler Mane, we'll most likely give this one a go after our Godzilla Mania dies out a bit.

Finally we have Devil in my Ride. Sure, it may have Sid Haig playing a bit role, but the trailer doesn't look all that promising. We LOVE us some Sid Haig, but we'll wait until this one hits cable.

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  1. Heard decent things about Compound Fracture...on a different note after the pilot what did 'Those Who Kill' end up like. Did you peeps watch it?

  2. When they pulled Those Who Kill off of A&E, and it jumped to Lifetime, we stopped watching. We'll watch it sometime this summer, when the TV offerings are not as vaired.

    Derek Mears is great, so we hope that Compound Fracture ends up being fun!