May 2, 2014

The Theatrical Trauma of May 2nd

TT Ban 3

Are we going to even pretend that Theaters are not going to be owned by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man this weekend? Because you know that they are.

The Amazing Spider-man was an enjoyable effort, and the combination of Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone are equally enjoyable, but ASM2 looks like it's going to be too heavy on the villains, which makes us a bit wary. If this movie ends up turning into the Jamie Foxx show, which it very well looks like it may, we'll be disappointed... and don't get us started on Rhino going from being an Altered-Human to a guy in a metal suit. Just don't.

We'll see The Amazing Spiderman 2, and we'll keep our fingers croossed that it's as good as the first one.

Everything else this week is either in Limited Release or has gone straight to VOD (which we covered here), and we'll be seeing them as time permits...

But really, this weekend belongs to Spidey.

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  1. I think youll be pleasantly surprised (at least as far as your concern over the villans) when you see Spidey 2... I actually thought Fox's role was fairly small compared to how much I thought hed be betrayed... The Sacrament was very well done, but if youve ever seen a documentary on The Jonestown situation, then youve seen this film already... and Mr. Jones wasnt the worse Ive ever seen, but it had me quite bored... Still waiting to see The Scribbler... Oh, and Blue Ruin was a ton of fun!!!

  2. Oh yeah, The Protector 2 wasnt as good as the first one (Maybe cuz the first one is one of my top 3 Martial Arts movies and Tony Jaa is the shiz-nit!!) but its still a cool film in its own right and worth a watch if you love "no wires, no tricks, no stunt men" kind of MA films...

  3. About to watch The Sacrament tonight, and we're hoping that it's at least decent. Same goes for The Scribbler.

    Blue Ruin was fun!

    We're going to see Spidey soon enough, especially now that the villains aren't the "main" focus.

    And yeah, Tony Jaa is THE man!