May 28, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for the week of May 28th


We're finally back from our various Memorial Day excursions, and minus some allergy suffering and one freak chainsaw injury (true story), we're all in one piece.

Sleepaway Camp and Cheap Thrills are our Must Own titles for this, the last week in May. The former is a cheesy 80's classic with one of the best twist endings in Horror Movie History, and the latter is a slick & twisted little Thriller that is one of our favorite flicks of 2014. Both movies are well worth owning, or at the very least, renting.

Death Spa is another obscure 80's Slasher flick that we'd love to own on Blu-ray, but the $29.99 price tag is a little crazy for a not-all-that-great movie like this. When the price drops, we'll grab this one up in short order.

Dan Curtis' Dracula and the two new Redemption releases are worth a look-see, though not immediate buys for us. It's also great to see the first two season of Longmire finally seeing a Blu-ray release; it's a fun show and deserves to be seen in HD.

That's it for this post-Holiday Digital Dread Report. Now please excuse us while we go get ready for June...

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