May 17, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of May 17th

Iron Man's first real competition of the Summer Movie Season arrives this week in the form of Star Trek: Into Darkness. The new J.J. Abrams flick not only looks great, but it's been getting mostly positive reviews, so we're definitely down to see it... who are we kidding, we were down to see it anyway, because we loved the first one and who cares what movie critics say?* 

Black Rock is the new Survival/Revenge Horror flick by the husband and wife team of Mark Duplass (writer) and Katie Aselton (director.) If you watch FX's The League -which you should, because it's absolutely hilarious- then you'll know both of them from from the show, which is interesting because here are two comedians making a Horror flick which looks pretty good. We're definitely interested in seeing Black Rock, and we have high hopes that it will deliver the goods, considering the talent involved.

Finally we have the Limited Release of the new Aaron Eckhart actioner, Erased. We've seen this one already, and our take on it is that it's like Taken, but not as good, and with no Liam Neeson. This is a decent flick to grab on VOD, but just know going into it that it's mostly a generic Action Thriller, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

*Everyone should care about what we have to say, because we always say such poignant and awesome things.

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