May 14, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for May 14th

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If you have one of the new 4K Blu-ray Tv's, then this week is pretty huge for you, as Sony is releasing its first batch of 4K mastered discs on to the market. If you're like us and just have a plain old Blu-ray set up going for you, then it's a quieter week for releases, but there are still a few things to take note of.

must have

Battlestar Galactica we can live without, but the nostalgia factor involved in the new 35th Anniversary disc has us wanting it none the less. The 1978 show boasted some fantastic ships, space battles, and the ultra-cool Cylons, all of which we ate up as wee lads and lasses. We may just have to buy this one as a goof.

Dexter we love, mostly, but we don''t have any of the other seasons of the Showtime serial killer drama on Blu-ray yet, so we're passing for now. We'll get them eventually. Hard core fans though, will and should snap this set up this week, as its release week price will be a slow as it will get for some time.

Many people hated Texas Chainsaw 3D, but we kinda dug it. Sure, it's lame in parts, and some of its narrative seems confused, but it's a TCM flick, so it's not much different from some of the series' other entries. Seeing Alexandra Daddario in crisp 1080p is the big selling point for us, so we'll definitely be adding this to our TCM trove. Also, Leatherface is awesome, in any incarnation. Do you thing, cuz!

rent it
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Cloud Atlas was alright (meh), and Crimewave was never a movie we liked, but Germ Z and Transmigration have us curious to see what they're all about. The rest of this week's Rents look like B-grade material, so as always, they're a crap shoot.

skip it

We're not saying to skip Sony's release of the first wave of its 4K Blu-ray titles because they suck, but because they will  most likely do absolutely nothing for you. Do you own a $25,000 4K TV, and a 4K Blu-ray player so that you can take advantage of Sony's "Expanded Color" remastered discs? Neither do we.

These new 4K mastered discs will play in current Blu-ray players, and can be watched on your current HDTV, but it's yet to be determined if they will look or sound any better on such non-4K equipment.

At $14.99 we may give Ghostbusters a go just to see what the transfer looks like. We know it won't be anywhere near the specs of 4K, but maybe it will look sharp enough for us to be happy. We'll let you know.


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