May 28, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for May 28

May goes out with a whimper on the DVD/BD release front, and that's alright with us; June is so packed full of must-own titles, that we're happy to give our wallets a rest this week.

must have

At the right price, these three movies could find their way into our collection. Dark Skies was a good watch, Rolling Thunder is a great 70's revenge flick with a great cast, and The Star Chamber is one of our childhood faves. They aren't  day 1 buys for us, but we'll most likely grab them down the road.

rent it
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The rents are a pretty solid bunch this week. We saw and enjoyed Nailbiter, and Priest of Evil and The Numbers Station look promising. Dead Mine is on our list too.

Dr. Who, you can keep. I can't stand Dr. Who, but there are those amongst us here at THC who are Fanatics for the cheesy British TV show, so maybe it's just me.

skip it
9dgut170 x 224

From their trailers alone, both of these movies look pretty bad, especially 9 Days... There's definitely an audience for these types of flicks, but it ain't me.

Like I said, we'll save our money for June.


  1. "Nailbiter": Yeah, felt rather cheap but as an Indie film it's good enough to encourage the director to continue his career.

    "The Numbers Station": Solid but nothing goes better than average. Not a gripping experience it could have been. John Cusack didn't add anything new to his books.

  2. I just finished watching "Dead Mine". It was okay but I expected more gore shown to us. Every time it could have been a good shlashing there was a cut and the bloody action was not shown. This must mean that the budget was rather low. I have seen worse. At least, some pretty faces who could act, too. Good enough for one watch.