May 10, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of May 10th

Unless you're one of those people who are interested in seeing The Great Gatsby, and there's no part of me that can imagine that you are, then this week is pretty light on releases. Iron Man 3 still owns the Box Office until next week when we get the new Star Trek flick, so until then, it's pretty slim pickings as new releases go.

If any of the week's Limited Release Horror flicks are playing near you though, you could be in for a treat.

If you're in the mood for some Survival Horror, the the Eli Roth presented Aftershock might be your ticket. We've been hearing mixed reviews about this one, but we're suckers for disaster flicks, so we'll give it a go anyway.

Being big fans of Ben Wheatley (Kill List) around these parts, we're definitely curious to see his morbid little Black Humor joint, Sightseers. If anything, it looks to be an interesting change of pace from what we've been watching lately, so why the hell not. Wheatley is on the rise, so look out for him.

Last, but in no way least, is No One Lives. Not only is this flick getting some decent word of mouth, but it looks crazy and has itself a good cast, so we can't help but be intrigued. The star of the movie, Luke Evans, has recently been tapped to play Dracula and Eric Draven in The Crow remake, so we're curious to see how he can handle himself in a genre pic like this...

For the record, you can't really remake The Crow and hope to reach the level that the original did, but we're not totally against it. We still miss Brandon Lee though, and he will always our heart's one true Eric Draven. *and no, it's not gay for us to say that, nor do we mean it in a gay way. Mostly.


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