May 7, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for May 7th

Don't forget, THC faithful, that this is the last week for Best Buy's UPGRADE & SAVE program until it comes back sometime in July. U&S is basically a program where you bring in any old DVD's that you don't want anymore (up to 5 per visit), and they give you a $5 coupon towards the purchase of any Blu-ray. It's a great deal that comes in handy when you're looking to grab a new Blu or 2.

Click the BB link above for details.

The big Horror release of the week is the Guillermo Del Toro produced Mama. We really liked this movie right up until the over-sentimental ending kinda killed the Horror of it all for us, but it's still one we're going to grab, despite that fact.

We'll also be picking up Jack Reacher this week. Tom Cruise just knows what it takes to make fun action flicks, and Reacher is definitely that.

We'll also be grabbing the Anatomy/Anatomy 2 double feature, as they're fun little flicks at a great price. If we didn't own most of the movies included in The Ultimate Comic Book 5-Movie Collection, we'd grab that one without hesitation too. Sure, The Spirit is abysmal, and Conan is questionable, but The Crow, Kick-Ass and The Punisher in one set is a beautiful thing.

Last but not least is the new Watchmen Steelbook... we already own Watchmen on Blu-ray, but that Steelbook just looks too damned awesome to pass up. We don't double dip often anymore, but this is one of those rare exceptions where we feel compelled to

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We definitely recommend giving Assassin's Blade and Bunohan at least a rental. We've never been big fans of Fringe, and Superman cartoons aren't are thing at all, but both of those releases will no doubt appeal to plenty of people out there. 

The rest of the week's middle of the road fare doesn't do much for us, but we're sure it will for plenty of you.

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You know the drill here... run for your lives!

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  1. dat Jack Reacher car chase!!!