May 21, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for May 21st

dd ban

This week's release plate is most definitely a full one, and there are a few movies that we just have to get on day one.

must have
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Shout! Factory's Horror imprint, Scream Factory,  leads the Blu-ray charge this week with not one, but two new Horror classics being added to their already impressive catalog. The Burning isn't one of our favorite 80's slasher flicks, but it's a sentimental fave, and one that we need on BD. We've seen the new Blu-ray transfer, and it's truly gorgeous. The Town that Dreaded Sundown is another old school classic that will have its fans salivating, as it too has been given a nice treatment by Scream Factory. Both are well worth picking up for even causal Horror fans.

You didn't think that Shout! Factory was done for the week, did you? Well then you must have forgotten about their release of the ultra-cheesy, 1990 live-action Captain America flick. It's a bad movie in every sense of the word, but it's funny as hell to watch, and for $11, it's a great addition to anyone's bad movie collection.

The ABC's of Death hits BD today as well, and with a price tag under $20, we can't resist picking it up. This movie is uneven, and even bad in parts, but when it's good, it's fantastic. It's worth at least a rent, and we think a buy, just to see "D is for Dogfight" in majestic 1080p glory.

There are also a slew of DVD re-releases out this week, that are good additions to non-HD collections. We don't buy DVD's anymore, but if we did, Suspect Zero and April Fool's Day would be at the top of our list.        

rent it
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We're really curious to check out Nightfall, as we're suckers for Asian Crime Thrillers, and this one looks really solid. I'm sure that we'll check out The Last Stand and Parker here soon enough, and probably most of the rest of the rent's too. Ooga Booga looks funny in a really, really bad way.

True Blood we'll be skipping. We haven't liked that show in years. For those of you who still love it, knock yourselves out.

skip it
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As for the movie's you should skip this week, the trailers for all of the above titles look pretty bad, but the one that scares us the most is Beautiful Creatures; Hollywood needs to stop trying to find its "Next Twilight", and focus on finding its "Next Not Twilight." Enough with the half-assed supernatural love stories already. If they must continue to make them, then they could at least start making them better.


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  1. I tried watching Mold, but it was just too trashy for me. :(