May 29, 2013

The Evil Dead gets a DVD/BD release date...

... and there's no mention of an Unrated/Director's/Alternate cut, or Deleted Scenes?

Sure, the gore was trimmed down by only a few seconds to secure the film an R-Rating, rather than a dreaded NC-17, but where are all of the scenes that didn't make it into the movie?

You know, like the best one from the trailer where Demon Mia sings "We're gonna get you, time to go to sleep!"

Point is, there was a bunch of alternate/missing footage (not to mention scenes) that didn't make the Theatrical Cut. Now, we understand that it's the filmmakers right to give us their intended versions of their work, but how can such an impressive scene from a trailer be left out of both the Theatrical and Home Video versions of a movie? That "We're gonna get you..." scene was arguably the most effective parts of the ED trailers, and images from that scene were used by tons of websites when they discussed the remake...

They had better not be setting Horror fans up for the double dip. In this day and age of Blu-ray releases coming with a BD/DVD/Ultraviolet/Digital Copy of the movie all in one package, there's no excuse for studios to double dip us anymore. If they release a "Director's Cut" somewhere down the line, we're going to be pissed.

And while we're at it, the trend of movies being marketed with false trailers needs to stop. You can't give fans a trailer that has them saying "I want to see that!" and then not include the inciting scenes from the trailer in the movie.
It pissed us off when PA 3 did it, and now Evil Dead has followed suit. That shit is not only cheap and misleading, but it's not fair.

Bottom line is, as of right now we're not sure wether or not we'll be buying the Evil Dead Blu-ray when it hit stores on July 16th. We were really expecting more from this release, and the fact that it's still missing things that they teased us with leaves us feeling a bit distressed about the whole thing.



  1. Shit cover. No DVD included. Ultraviolet can suck a cock. Where's the good stuff? Totally NOT groovy.


  2. That is weird about the super-creepy scene that's missing from the theatrical and dvd versions. I bet there's an interesting story behind it. Cool post. ;)

  3. If it's in the trailer, and not in the film; it could be false advertising, after all you buy something claiming to contain an item, it doesn't then you have redress.