October 28, 2012

The 31 Days of Horror, Day Twenty-Eight- The Walking Dead

So after our weekend long Halloween shindig (preparations included in that time frame), we got to lay around on Sunday, nurse our wounds, and close it all out by catching episode three of this season's The Walking Dead.

The first two episodes gave us non-stop greatness, and the third one delivered the same, albeit in a completely different way,

This week, TWD left the prison behind to focus on Michonne and Andrea, and their run in with The Governor. We knew it was coming, but what we didn't know was how close it would follow the storyline from the TWD comics.

Morrissey was great as The Governor, and it's clear from the get go that he is a twisted guy, and is going to be one hell of a villain this season. We won't spoil what he did in the episode, but suffice it to say that he is a touchy bastard who has no problem killing indiscriminately.

The last bit with him in his secret room was creepy, although not what we expected. *In the comics, his secret room harbors different secrets. Maybe he has 2 secret rooms, and the other one will show up next week? Probably not, but we'd be cool with it if that happened.

As for Andrea and her mysterious partner Michonne? Well, they're pretty much trapped. Something tells me Michonne ain't havin' that shit for too long...

One of these Ho's be trippin', can you guess which one? (Hint: It's the Strawberry.)

 The other big thing this week was the return of Merle, which was unfortunately teased in the trailers and promos for this season, even it began. We really wished they had kept it completely under wraps and let it be a surprise, but it was still cool even though we knew it was coming.

Merle is looking skinny and ragged, and he has a bayonet-thingy for a hand now, which makes him feel like a skeezy version of Ash (Evil Dead) to us.What we're wondering is what he'll do when he finds out Daryl is alive. Hell, we're wondering what Daryl will do when he finds out Merle is alive. Will the be on opposite sides of the inevitable Rick vs. The Governor battle that is on its way, or will they pick a side together? And which side will that be? Aaaaah!

All I'm saying is that for me, if Daryl dies, TWD dies with it. I've had enough of this "favorite character dying" B.S. this year with Sons of Anarchy, and I do not want to deal with it again.

This week was a bit "quieter" than the past two weeks have been, but it was still one hell of an episode. If the rest of this season even partially follows the storyline from the comics, things are about to get pretty crazy.

Fan, meet shit.

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