October 7, 2012

The 31 Days of Horror, Day Seven- 2 Texas remakes.

Not all horror remakes suck. Most of them end up being pathetic updates or re-imaginings of older movies that didn't need to be re-imagined or updated. Some remakes come along though, and do justice to their original counterparts.

No one can deny that the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an institution. Way back then, it shocked people and sickened audiences. In today's jaded horror world, it seems tame compared to some of the torture porn that sees release on a regular basis. Still, it remains one of the most effective horror movies ever.

So did we need a remake? No, but as it turns out, the one we got was pretty good.

A sweaty Abercrombie AD?

TCM 2003 was pretty good as far as remakes go. They changed enough to make it fresh, kept enough to make it familiar and true, and managed to pull off a bloody, disturbing and satisfying trip through hell, via rural Texas.

I liked the sepia look of things, washed out and drab. I still prefer the original Leatherface, because to me he was more human and real, if that makes any sense. The new version of Leatherface was cool though, much meaner and focused. The new dynamic of the family was interesting too, adding a bit on depth that seemed like it could truly be a real backwoods family somewhere.

We really dig this flick.

Dat lower back!

An actual sequel/prequel to the 2003 remake, TCM: The Beginning delivers, and even better than it's predecessor did. I have to give it to Platinum Dunes; they created the right atmosphere, poured on the gore, held off on the cheesiness, and kicked us square in the nuts with this one.

The star of the show here is R. Lee Ermey; that guy is just fantastic in whatever he does, and he absolutely rocks as the demented Hewitt family "Sheriff." He's just always great to watch.

We also really love how this flick ends; sure, it's a prequel, so you kinda already know, but damn it still hit like a ton of bricks. Everything about this movie just worked for us.

Good God in Heaven... that lamp is totally awesome!

We need to lighten the mood tomorrow for day Eight... even if only a little bit.

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  1. By comparison to most remakes, this one rocked! Although, I agree about it not really being "needed".