October 14, 2012

The 31 Days of Horror, Day Fourteen- The Walking Dead Season Premiere

The Walking Dead is back, and the season premiere was near perfect.

Aside from Laurie talking about her feelings, and someone stepping casually over a dead body without making sure it wasn't just a Walker at rest, everything in this way-too-short 60 minutes was great.

-Loved the opening scene; no dialogue, just some good old fashioned stealth zombie hunting/killing. Our crew of survivors have gotten pretty good at this since last we saw them.

-Love how Rick is keeping his pimp hand strong this season.
Ho- "Hey, can I talk to you?"
Rick- looks annoyed- "What the fuck you want, bitch. I'm doin' stuff."
Love it.

-Love Michonne so far; she's kinda like Foxy Brown, but more angry... and with a sword. Can't wait to see her go to town on anything that gets in her way.

-When it comes to Daryl, everyone else on this show is riding bitch.

I really did think the premiere would be, and should have been, a 2 hour affair. Waiting a week in between episodes is going to majorly suck if this season keeps delivering at the same pace. Even worse if it gets better.

A good start. Now, we just need more. Like, right now.


  1. Fantastic opener! Waiting a week is going to be hard! If I had the willpower it would be awesome to wait until the season is over and watch it in 1-2 sittings...that would be amazing.

  2. I'd pay right now to watch it all up front... waiting sucks.