October 9, 2012

The 31 Days of Horror, Days Eight & Nine- The Walking Dead (S2)

As we said, with the season three premiere just days away, we had to catch up on the first two seasons of The Walking Dead. It took us two nights to get through all 13 of season two's episodes, but we're ready for Sunday night now.

A lot of fans griped that season two spent far too much time on the farm, and that the characters just sat around, not doing much of anything. I can't argue that in part, those complainers have a point.

What I will argue is that this show is about a group of ordinary every day people who are trying to survive in a world gone zombie, and that everything can't be all action and movement. Hell, it really can't be half action and movement, it just doesn't make sense.

People want a safe place to call home and to get back to some semblance of normal in. They really have no clue where to go, and even if they did, it's crazy dangerous to move around too much. It's like tempting fate.

In Land of the Dead, humanity learned to regroup and reorganize, restructure. They cleared cities of the undead, walled them off, and rebuilt, both structurally and in a societal sense. In the midst of a worldwide zombie apocalypse, they went right back to business as usual, class warfare and all.

She dead.

Now, our Walking Dead peeps may not want all of that, but their instincts are the same; rebuild and live. Most of them don't want to be running around fighting or evading walkers, they want to stay put. For better or for worse.

My point is that no, TWD season two isn't all zombie fighting and action. In real life, it wouldn't be either. The season definitely picks up action-wise in the 2nd half, and by the end, there's more than enough crazy shit going down to satisfy the critics.

Sophia, Shane, Glenn gets laid, Andrea goes all tough-girl on us, Carl causes all kinds of shit, Dale died (hated him), Daryl is still awesome, Michonne shows up... and all kinds of zombie awesomeness was had. There was plenty of good stuff this season amidst the slow/melodramatic bits.

We love the show (despite its faults, and some characters that annoy us to no end), and season three looks to be even crazier. More action is coming, we promise.

5 more days, and Sunday nights get terrifying again.

Bring this shit on now!

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