October 19, 2012

The 31 Days of Horror, Day Nineteen- A Little Exorcism...

Tonight we took in  quick viewing of the Exorcist, and planned for our Halloween party.

We've reviewed it before, so here's a little snippet from that, because why re-write the same thing differently, when it gets our point across the way it is, right?

Plus, we're late with this one, and I want it posted now.

There will most likely never be another film like The Exorcist, that pushes boundaries and affects audiences the way that it did back in the early 70's. By today's standard's it's a slow, deliberately paced movie that takes its time to build to the payoff. Of course those very elements are the movies strengths and the reasons that it's so damned effective.

Still creepy after all of these years.

Many have tried to make a possession movie as effective as The Exorcist in the years since its release, and many have failed. No matter how good some possession movies have been over the years, none can seem to truly capture the magic that Friedkin did here. Most don't even come close. Not even The Exorcist's own sequels.

The thought I had tonight while watching this classic yet again, was that if it were made  today, in the exact same way, it might not be the classic that it was nearly 40 years ago. I think it might feel tame to modern audiences compared to what they've grown up with, and it definitely wouldnt have the same impact that it had being released in the 70's.

It couldn't. Things have changed to much since then, and it would just be received differently. Oh well, it will always be classic to us.

Pazuzu forever!


  1. We have seen this film a few times and while we agree that at the time that this movie was made it was probably s*** scary, by this time we think that it has lost some of it's shock factor purely because people expect it to be bad and therefore their expectaions ruin the experience.
    Still, saying this there is still something incredibly chilling about this film.
    Nice Review

    Liam and Pearl

  2. That's about right, Liam and Pearl.

  3. i never tire of this flick and it still gets to me - partly because when i saw it as a kid , i had zero idea it was ... what it was!
    and it made me love horror movies.
    this also launched 10,000 productions and very few have come close. i really love how THC reviews and showcases this from time to time ,new releases ,etc and there is a whole new generation to watch it as well.