October 3, 2012

The 31 Days of Horror, Day Three- Supernatural Nazi Day!

Those crazy Nazi's! They're always up to something, and that something more often than not is no good. Supernatural no good!

Proof that the Nazi's used AT-AT's in WWII. This really happened!

Blood Creek (2010) (REVIEW HERE)  is a Joel Schumacher film, and probably his best one in well over a decade. Picture this: Michael Fassbender is a Nazi Necromancer who has himself a pack of zombie horses, and he's out to kill the guy who's going to play Superman next summer, and the guy from Prison Break who isn't Channing Tatum. Sounds pretty f'ing amazing, right?

Well, it is!

It grabbed us the first time we saw it, and is still fun as hell years later on re-watch. It's fun, different, and has zombie horses. We did mention the zombie horses, didn't we?

"I can see forever!"

The Devil's Rock (2011) (REVIEW HERE) is part War movie in addition to being a Horror flick, and it's great on both fronts. Fronts. Like as in War, get it?

A lonely bunker, 4 people -one of them a Demon that over zealous Nazi's conjured up to help them defeat the Allies- and lots of creepy darkness ... it's a quiet little flick that delivers on almost every level. It especially delivers on the sexy Demon front. In an odd little twist, not only was she herself conjured, but she conjured something within us. (Boners.)

As direct to DVD flicks go, this is how we wish they all would be, quality wise.This really is an under the radar flick that we know people would dig if they had the chance to check it out.

We have the weirdest boner right now.

Both of these flicks are for the most part unknown little gems, and deserve far more love than they've gotten thus far. Plus, when is it never fun to watch a movie with Nazi's doing some crazy shit? Especially when said crazy shit is not grounded in the real world. They just make great movie villains. Plus, they're crazy.

Crazy, I tell you!

Check the full reviews for a more in depth look at each flick, and we'll see you tomorrow for Day Four.


  1. Those are 2 of the most beatifull film i've see in the last year,hard choise,but ''weirdest boner'' got to win...


  2. Nazi breakdancing...what a world.