October 5, 2010

Day 5- Tuesday, October 5th

#12- Tell Tale (2009)

Meh. We're on a streak of mediocre movies here, and it's getting tiresome! Tell Tale isn't bad; it's a good little movie, it just felt like more of a damned Drama/Crime movie than Horror. There's plenty of blood and violence involved, and it's interesting enough but it doesn't quite satiate our horror hunger. Josh Lucas is solid as usual, Brian Cox chews the scenery in his own awesome way as usual, and Lena Headey is sexy as hell per-usual, but dammit we want creepy! Good flick though.

While not pure Horror, Tell Tale is a solid and entertaining little flick. We need to up the ante here and get back to some pure Horror flick watching...

  #13- Frontiere(s) (2008)- (FULL REVIEW HERE)

Aaah, finally some down-and-dirty Horror! Until now, our very own Machine had not seen this French Gem, which dismayed his THC cohorts to no end... so we watched it. Most of you hardcore Horror freaks already know about this crazy tale of Neo-Nazi inbreeding and table saw violence, but for those of you who still haven't seen this movie, get to it! Bloody, dirty and freakishly disturbing, Frontiere(s) is just what all of us need at this time of year... and ass-kicking visceral bloodbath! I've used a lot of exclamation points writing this, and I don't know what's up with that! Sorry!

That's 13/100 movies watched so far, so we had better get back to it... please let there be more blood...

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