October 2, 2010

DVD Review: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)

We loved 30 Days of Night, and were totally expecting the sequel to suck... but it didn't. It wasn't quite as good as its predecessor, but Dark Days was a pretty damn good Direct-to-DVD horror flick, and that's saying a lot.

The hot as hell Kiele Sanchez takes over for Mmmelissa George as Stella, who is now living in LA, looking to dish out some sexy revenge on the vampires who killed her hubby. She teams up with Billy from Entourage, Michael from LOST, and Diora Baird's tits, and together they launch an all-out assault on Lilith, the vampire queen.

Bloody, bloody mayhem ensues.
Lilith can get it.
Incidentally, this is the second day in a row we've seen a movie involving an evil bitch named Lilith. Coincidence? We think not. Dark Days is a fun vampire flick, based again on the graphic novel series written by Steve Niles, so the story is just as solid as it was in the first movie. Kiele Sanchez did a great job as Stella this time around, although we did miss Mmmelissa George. Mia Kershner also makes for a hot vampire queen.

So can she.
Not all sequels suck.

It may not be as good of a movie as the first one was, but 30 Days of Night: Dark Days can be proud of itself, as it does the vampire genre...well, proud. Bloody, violent, action-packed, and entertaining, this movie is perfect for October viewing.


30 Days of Night: Dark Days is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.


As an added bonus, here is some visual yum for you to enjoy:


  1. Wait, what... this didn't suck? But nothing happened, it barely made sense, and every one of the vampires seemed incapable of putting up anything like a fight. I'm starting to think I saw a different movie :-S

  2. What? This movie was totally lame. LAME!

  3. Ok, maybe I am crazy, but I liked it... stop yelling at me!

    Or rather keep yelling, it fuels my indifference :)

  4. Fuel it off, horror dude! You are better than this! Snap out of it! The movie was total crap, especially since I had seen the original like 5 seconds before starting to see this one. It was a rip-off and I wish someone could sue people for doing movies inspired by Blade the Series and renaming them from a really cool movie! Just who are you and what have you done with the cool owner of this blog?

  5. I can't explain it Siderite... sure it mostly sucked, but for some reason, I really had fun watching it... no one else here did. Just me.

    I get one freebie every once in a while! :)