October 2, 2010

Day 2- Saturday, October 2nd

#5- Predators (2010)

Oh yeah! WAY better that the shit-storm that are known as the Alien vs. Predator movies, Predators brings the franchise back to its action filled, ass-kicking glory. Predator (1986) is still the holy grail of course, but Predators is still full of enough win to come close to being worthy of mention in the same breath at the 80's classic. Adrien Brody makes a pretty good bad-ass, and the rest of the cast from Danny Trejo to Walt Goggins are on point as they always are, and kicking on-screen ass. Only $51 million worth of us saw Predators at the Theater this summer, so if you aren't one of the enlightened ones already, see it when it hits DVD soon. Good times, good times.
 #6- Open House (2010)

"Sookah." That was my impression of Bill from True Blood. It was supposed to sound like a mean Elvis impersonator, like Bill always does on the show, Dead on, I know.  

Open House is a movie made by Anna Paquin's brother, and stars both Anna and real life boyfriend Stephen Moyer... for all of about 5 minutes. So... misleading box cover aside, Open House is a decent little movie about a psychotic whore and her retard brother who movie into houses that are being shown for sale, hence the title. Also, they lure people to their fake empty home, sex them up and kill them. Any movie involving Tricia Helfer and sex is worth seeing, don't you agree? Not bad. A bit slower paced than it should be, but it was a fun little flick.
 #7- Splice (2010)

This movie makes me sad. It looked so good to us from just the trailer alone, that it hurt extra bad to have to hate it. Not really hate, but a strong medium dislike? I understand now how this movie sat on the shelf for so long before getting a Theatrical release; it was a bland, jumbled mess of a mess, and nothing tense or compelling happened until the last 15 minutes or so. It wasn't awful, but it was truly a mess. So maybe it was awful... see what this movie does to me, the viewer? Awful. Also, the bland-as-hell Sarah Polley should never play a role that is supposed to garner any sort of sympathy, because the woman emotes like wet cardboard. Splice just missed the mark, being far too tame to be horrific or suspenseful. Ugh...

That's 7/100 movies watched so far, so we had better get back to it... now where is that toothless kitten...


  1. Open House looks good, looking forward to seeing it soon.

  2. It's a decent little flick, Emily. You might just like it :)