October 16, 2010

Day 15- Friday, October 15th

#41- Mirrors 2 (2010)

Well I'll be damned. Did I like this sequel better than the original? I think I did! 2008's Mirrors was an alright flick; it had a few bloody good moments along with Amy Smart naked in a tub, and was a fun watch for the most part. Overall though, it was fairly underwhelming. Mirrors 2, I think, is a better movie because the story is just more straight forward. "A" happens, which causes "B" to happen, which means that everyone is screwed until "C" finds out what happened, and then "D" gets revenge. That all just made sense to me. What I mean to say is that it's not trying to be all clever and twist at every turn. Shit happens, which makes other really bad shit happen. Simple and sweet. Nick Stahl is the hero in this one, and his character is just more sympathetic than Keifer Sutherland's was in the first movie. Besides, The Greatest American Hero is his dad, and how is that not a bonus? Throw in a few cool kill scenes and Emmanuelle Vaugier, and you've got a pretty enjoyable time on your hands.

B+ Different, but more satisfying than the original, Mirrors 2 is a pretty decent little flick that plays it straight and entertains for it's entire 90 minutes. You won't go wrong checking it out.
 #42- Reunion of Terror (2008)

As the poster implies, this movie is about a reunion that is filled with terror. The poster also implies that the terror-filled reunion will be attended by sluts; lots of hot, dirty, sluts. Clocking in at whopping 1 hour, 15 minutes, I can't help but wonder if this movie is going to be painful. About 5 minutes in, and I already have my answer... this movie hurts worse than a red hot fire poker crammed deep within my pucker ring. This movie meanders and is just bad. Nothing really happens. And the big, shocking reveal at the end... lame. Had the movie had some better actors in it, maybe it could have been salvageable, but most of them were as tough to endure as the bland, uneventful story. Aside from Hallie Bird (who actually shows some promise), there couldn't have been one professional actor in the movie. I'd be shocked if there were. "God Dammit! We're in the middle of nowhere! Where am I supposed to find some cock jackets?" Seriously? Who wrote this shit? Avoid this one at all costs.

#43- Staunton Hill (2009)

George Romero's kid directed this one, huh? Well let's see if he's a chip off the old block or not. Be right back... 1 hour and 20-some minutes later... and I'm back, and with the verdict. Aside from the gore that pops up in the last 20 minutes of the film, which was really intense and awesome, the movie was pretty flat. Poorly conceived and handled. Unoriginal. Bad. First of all, it's absolutely a retread of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, odd and murderous back roads family and all. There's even an old granny in a wheelchair who hits one guy in the head with a hammer, as her kin yells "Get it mama!" or something to that effect. Really, there's nothing remotely original to see here. On top of that, nothing happens for most of the movie, aside from cliche upon cliche. The fat, retard brother; the fat, overly kind mother; the cranky wheelchair-bound meemaw; The "pretending to be nice" father and son... all retreads. There's also some lame subplot about a girl needing body parts or skin to live, but none of that was ever made clear. As I mentioned above, once the gore starts, it's pretty damned fantastic. No CGI, slow and brutal, and definitely in the vein of Romero gore-fests of old. I really don't get why movies like this get made. At least come up with an original idea, pack it full of action and gore, and go for broke. Suck or not, I'd respect that. This movie, however, gets no respect.


That's 43/100 movies watched so far, so we had better get back to it... after 2 DO NOT WANT's in a row, we need some quality horror to make the tears stop!

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