October 18, 2010

Day 17- Sunday, October 17th

 #48- Return of the Living Dead (1986)

It may be played for laughs, but this is definitely one of the best zombie movies of all time. The Tarman alone would propel this one into the awesome flick stratosphere, but there's so much else to love about this movie.. like Trash. played by a naked, slutty, Linnea Quigley. Or... the Zombie that gets on the horn and says "send more cops." They're clever in this one! Clu Gulager and James Karen are what really make this movie fun though. They provide most of the comedy, and their scenes (together or apart) are just brilliant. Between their crazy antics and the actually great zombie scenes, this movie is a pure joy to kick back and watch. If you love Zombie movies and you haven't seen this one yet, you aren't really a Zombie fan at all. Get to it!

#49- Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988)

Warning: There was absolutely no need for this movie to have ever been made. Since it was made however, I guess we will have to move to the next level of warning: There is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever see this movie. Ever. Everything that made the first movie into an instant classic is absent from this movie; there's no charm, no style, no laughs, no good gore, and most definitely, no scares... only suck-age. Skip it, and re-watch the first one instead.

#50- Cujo (1983)

I always used to think this movie was called Culo, not Cujo... which amused my Mexican friends to no end. It's about a rabid St. Bernard though, and not a rabid ass, so they shut up quickly enough. A movie with a very simple premise, Cujo ends up being one of the more terrifying movies that we've ever sat through. If you have kids, I think you'd agree. It's hard to imagine that a movie about a woman and her kid trapped in a little car by a 200 lb rabid St. Bernard could be terrifying, but it is. Really terrifying. Do you see that we thought his movie to be terrifying? I've said a much 3 times in three separate sentences. I'm just sayin', it's creepy.
 #51- The Beyond (1981)

...and we close out the day with another classic Zombie movie, this time of the Italian variety. The Beyond is one of the greatest movies in the repertoire of master film maker Lucio Fulci. His stylized visuals along side of his penchant for over the top gore, makes for interesting and squeamish viewing. We've said it before on this site; most old school Italian Horror films make little sense, will confuse or confound you, and might even feel comical in their efforts at times, but... but, but, but... more often than not, they're bold, daring, extremely violent and nasty, and have a style that just compels you to watch them. The Beyond, while being silly in parts (stop shooting them in the stomach Giuseppe, the first 100 shots that did nothing should be a clue!), had some brilliant moments; from Jill getting her head blown off, to the blind eyes of the psychic, Fulci just knew how to kick you in the nuts visually, and leave you wanting more. I dare you not to say "WTF?!?" at the ending though.

That's 51/100 movies watched so far, so we had better get back to it... finally, we've passed the half way mark... Holy Christ this is time consuming and rigorous!

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  1. Cujo always scared me as a kid and ROTLD is one of my favorites of all time,never get tired of that movie,especially tarman!