October 6, 2010

DVD Review: The Killer Inside Me (2010)

Cast Members of Note- Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Elias Koteas, Simon Baker, Ned Beatty and Bill Pullman.

Lou is a polite, friendly, small town Sheriff's Deputy in West Bumfuck, Texas. His hobbies include rape, raping young girls, beating hookers to death, maiming kittens, earning the trust and friendship of young boys and then getting them to kill themselves, karate boxing with homeless vagrants, and murder in all of its various forms. He's also real handy with a lame saying or unwanted platitude or two. He always has something to say.

A consummate ladies man... which really says a lot about the ladies.
Bored with his hot blond girlfriend, Lou starts pickle-wrangling with a hot brunette hooker, who likes to be knocked around and buggered. Unfortunately for her, Lou just wants to use her to get revenge on the local rich guy, so he kills her and the rich guys son, hoping to get away with the blackmail money that he and the hooker were originally demanding from the rich guy's son. I don't know, it's complicated.

"I'm so gonna fuckin' kill you... now wrangle my pickle!"
Soon enough Lou's sick little world begins to spin out of control and he's forced to kill more people to cover his crimes. As people grow suspicious around him, the once-thought-dead hooker is revealed to be alive and in a coma, which means that the jig is about to be up for Lou. Had he not double crossed her to begin with, everything would be alright and he'd be all up in some sexy hooker booty rather than be on the verge of destruction. Then again, (thick Texas accent) "you caint' never trust no whore..."

Too bad you're a whore. Whores never win. Unless you're Julia Roberts I suppose...
Will the hooker wake up and reveal Lou for what he is? Will Lou ever bang a chick that he doesn't feel compelled to kill? Will we ever find out why Bill Pullman just randomly showed up at the end of the movie? Who cares, just show us more of Jessica Alba naked, please. 

Not Jessica Alba, but the creepy chick who molested Lou when he was a kid. She has a notable ass though, no?
If you like slower more atmospheric movies that still manage to disturb the hell out of you, then this is a movie for you. Casey Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms The Killer Inside Me, giving us an eerily realistic portrayal of a sick, calculated sociopath, and letting us see what makes him tick. What does make him tick makes for some very brutal actions and uncomfortable scenes to sit through, that might just make you wince a bit. I don't want to say the movie is slow, but it definitely has a slower, more deliberate pace, and it takes its time getting where it needs to go. Alright, it's slow. It is really good though, so we can forgive that little sin, can't we?

Plus, slow is fine as long as it involves Jessica Alba.
***SPOILERS*** Why would you kill someone as hot as Jessica Alba rather than letting her live to be your kinky little sex toy? The girl is down for whatever, and were talking anything from hot backdoor action to being slapped around during dirty role-play -and she's phenomenally beautiful on top of that- so why kill her? I get why you did it, but I'm just saying, you're a moron.

All she wanted was to be loved.
***SPOILERS*** I understand that sociopaths are usually empty voids of emotion, cold and uncaring, and tend to have contempt for most people around them, but why kill your fiance (talking about Kate Hudson this time)? She knows you're creepy and up to no good, and she doesn't care because she loves you... and you kill her? That's a bottom-bitch if I've ever seen one, and you don't go wasting a good, loyal bottom-bitch like that.

Beautiful women are wasted on sociopaths.
There are some truly intense scenes in this movie, and by intense we mean crazy violent. This isn't a movie that gets gratuitous with the blood, but it gets it right when it counts, and will disturb those viewers who cant handle the intense stuff.

Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson are both looking good in this, and each has a bunch of naked, sweaty sex. Alba still has the annoying habit of covering up for the most part though. Prude. Still, it's all sexy good.

"Nobody has it comin'. That's why nobody can see it comin'." or "I love you. Goodbye."

Never trust the police. Also, you can make a Ho a housewife, but only if you refrain from killing her slutty ass.

Now that she's ugly, he pretends that he doesn't know her. Typical.
The Killer Inside Me is one hell of a movie. It's stark and disturbing, and stays with you long after you finish experiencing it for the first time. Casey Affleck gives us a haunting look into the mind of a true sociopath, which left us feeling a bit dirty and used after watching this movie. A great movie, check it out on DVD asap, or on IFC in demand if it's still available.


The Killer Inside Me is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.


Jessica Alba is even hotter now that we know she has a kinky side. Kate Hudson is no slouch either.

That's 14/100 movies watched so far, so we had better get back to it... now onto the movie with the killer fish...


  1. An 'A', for this inexcusably misogynistic schlock? WTF!?!

  2. I'm working on a write up for this one currently. My views on the film are much like yours, talk about some uncompromising beat down scenes huh?

  3. MC 900 FT Jesus released a song inspired by the book back in 1991, entitled "Killer Inside Me" and name checked 'Lou'. Worth hearing if haven't already. It's on the 'Welcome To My Dream' album.

    Might watch this soon.

  4. Purgatori, I didn't find this to be misogynistic schlock.

    I can see how you might say that, but really, when were dealing with a depraved sociopath, misogyny is par for the course.

    Do you really think the film felt like woman bashing vehicle? To me, they were victims, and there was nothing sexist about it. If anything, I felt horrible for what the women in this guys life had to endure and suffer.

  5. It wasn't so much the beatings themselves as the portrayal of the female characters as nothing more than as helpless, masochistic, victims. Jessica's character doesn't even make even the most feeble of attempts at resistance while she's pummeled, and she shows up later in the film not to take revenge, but to profess her undying love for this f-ing creep. To top it all off, the final scene of their demise is filmed in slow motion, with a big orchestral piece blaring in the background; making it look a hell of a lot like an attempt to try to pass off the events that just transpired as some kind of tragic romance.

    The only excuse I've seen provided by the various idiots associated with this project is that the events are filtered through the distorted perception/recollection of the killer himself. How this is meant to work for the scenes he's not present in, or the part where he's being incinerated I just don't know, so I don't find that particular excuse to be very persuasive at all: hence my view that it is nothing more than misogynistic schlock.