October 12, 2010

Day 12- Tuesday, October 12th

#29- Let the Right One In (2008)- (FULL REVIEW HERE)  

THC's very own Heather Z picked this one to watch, as she has herself an odd fetish involving Swedish Vampires and Teenage boys. Who knew? If you haven't seen this brilliant little movie, you're missing out. Sure, you could catch the remake (Let Me In) in Theaters right now, but you really should see this one first. It's a sweet, engaging, sad, and violent film, that will pull you in and deliver awesome for its entire running time. If you have a Teen that loves Horror but you're worried about what they watch, have them start here. Who doesn't love a bloody coming of age story? Låt den rätte komma in is one of the very best movies of the past 10 years, and I'm not just talking about Horror movies here, either.

#30- Firestarter (1984)

Man, was I ever in love with Drew Barymore when I was a kid; she was cute, sweet, had a nagging cocaine problem... everything a young boy wants in his 11 fantasy girl, right? Imagine how much higher my heart leaped for her when I thought she could set shit of fire with her brain. That's what this movie did to be as a boy of 12; it made me want a woman in my life that sweat a lot and blew shit up with her mind every time she got pissed off. That's really all this movie is; Drew running around sweating, saying "I love you Daddy", making shit burn with her keen sense of telekinesis, and trying to avoid the evil clutches of a creepy George C. Scott. Martin Sheen is in there somewhere too, but wasn't as creepy as the eye patch wearing Scott. I nostalgia every time I see this movie. And I still love Drew.
 #31- Cat's Eye (1985)

So maybe it was Stephen King movie day on Tuesday, and maybe you can go piss up a rope if you don't like it, Eh? Eh? Sorry. I get testy when I think people are bashing on my beloved 1980's Stephen King film adaptations. As a kid in the 80's, Stephen King was pretty much the bottom line when it came to Horror. Sure, some of his movies were cheesy, but we kids ate them up, and they hold a special place in our hearts to this day... even if they do kinda suck sometimes. Cat's Eye, while far from perfect, always seemed to creep me out. I'm not sure why I chose to watch Cat's Eye, because there are tons of better Horror flicks. I could be revisionist, but the mood just hit me. The movie is made up of short stories, and the one entitled "The Ledge" is still one of my all time faves of Mr. King. Maybe it's because heights make me pee my pants, and I'm talking even seeing them on film. Oh, and Drew Barrymore is in this one too. Don't judge me!

That's 31/100 movies watched so far, so we had better get back to it... can it be demon time now?

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