July 3, 2009

DVD Review: Plaguers (2009)

Cast Members of Note- Steve "what the fuck happened to his career" Railsback, Alexis Zibolis, and the cute as hell Paige La Pierre.

A spaceship full of Space Hookers docks with another spaceship full of other space people, and all space-hell breaks loose. That's basically the plot of the movie... honestly. They're not breaking fresh ground here people. 

This is space-hell breaking loose.
When the two ships dock, not only does a long "shaking" scene ensue (showing us how they're really in space in massive, real ships), but the space-shaking breaks a glowing space orb open in the cargo hold, which squirts some liquid on one of the Space Whores, turning her into some sort of infected Space Whore Zombie Thing. 

The glowing Space Orb.
Naturally, the "infection" spreads through the rest of the crew, eventually turning them into rubber-suited space monsters! Whatever. You've seen this all before.

Creature: "Boo!" Chesty Final Girl: "I'm scared!"
I guess I'm a sucker for hot chicks and Space Zombies, because despite every instinct I possess, I actually enjoyed this one. Mostly. Kinda. Some of the creatures looked pretty awesome. I can honestly say that.

This is essentially an above average Sci-Fi Channel quality movie. It is what it is.

The "zombies" looked pretty neat.
The acting. Ouch. Not that they had much of a script to work with anyhow, but it was just poor across the board. In all fairness though, the script was worse. 

"Quick, shoot the script!"
So many Space Whores, so little nudity.

Why no naked?
Some decent gore, and I kinda dug the look of the "Zombies," but nothing was too over-the-top here. 

Interpretive space zombie dance!
What a bunch of B.S. The one thing a movie of this caliber has to get right, and they get it all wrong! Two ships full of Space Hookers, and no boobs are on display? Not even a butt? With acting this bad, nudity should be mandatory.

What wasted potential. Sweaty, heaving potential.
Never trust whores, especially in space.

"C'mon, girl. What's wrong?"
This is a poorly-made movie, but for some reason I got a kick out of it on a very base level. If you're into cheesy Sci-Fi Channel-esque space movies, then you'll love this one. Despite its low rating, throw caution to the wind, and give it a go.


Plaguers is available now on DVD and VOD.


The sexy space ladies of Plaguers.

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