July 24, 2009

Horror Hottie- Melissa George

If you don't like awesome boobs, pouty pillow-lips, hot Australian accents, chicks that like to kiss other chicks, awesome boobs, or Horror flicks, then you wont like Mmmelissa George! (For the record, I like all of those things except for the lesbian bit... that's just too chauvinistic and exploitative towards women.)

Mmmelissa George started her Horror Hottie career as a slutty mom in the remake of The Amityville Horror, which also starred fellow Horror Hottie Rachel Nichols.  Both of their performances tugged at our loin-strings, though in the end, Mmmelissa wins because she had a sex scene. I still say that they should duke it out in a pool full of lime Jell-O to decide who's hottest though, because that would be fun on so many different levels.

The babysitter is barely through the door and Mmmelissa is already trying to get her naked.
Turistas was her next film, where she played a bikini-wearing slut who drank too much and hooked up with random tourists. This is where she took her career to a new level, donning next to nothing to broaden her scope as an actress. We give kudos to her brave career choices, especially those which involve little-to-no clothing.

They should totally have a threesome before they jump.
In Waz, she played a cop whose ass looked really, really good in a pair of jeans. Sadly, she showed far less skin in this one than in previous efforts, and it was the beginning of a trend for Mmmelissa, as her next film saw her wearing a snowsuit for most of her screen time... and there's nothing sexy about snowsuits.

Couldn't 30 Days of Night have taken place in the desert? Ugh!
With 30 Days of Night, she fully arrived as a true genre hottie. Again, she didn't get naked, but she still looked really hot, and she carried a gun which just does something to us on a primal level. For the record, we're proud of her for letting Josh Hartnett die at the end too, because who needs him?

Triangle was a fun little time-juxtaposing Thriller, which saw multiple instances of Mmmelissa George facing off against one another... not to keep harping, but again there was no nudity from her, and this movie certainly could have benefited from two or three Mmmelissa George's involved in some sort of sinister group shower scene.

Oh, just shoot her already... she's become a prude.
Mmmelissa George is always showing up in one genre project or another, most of them pretty good, and for that we are thankful. She's one of those actresses working today that you can always count on to look hot while fighting to stay alive, and that's not an easy thing to pull off.

If we had to pick one flick of hers that shows off her scrappy survival skills the best, it would have to be A Lonely Place to Die; girlfriend was climbing mountains and shit while trying to dodge bullets and avoid rapey mountain men, and she did it all while looking perfect.

Now that's class.

This bitch is crazy.
This Australian sexpot may have toned down her on screen sluttiness a bit over the past few years (at least when it comes to her genre projects), but she's still doing her thing and entertaining us. I guess we can live with that, especially from one of the genre's best Millennium Hotties.

Still though, please get naked and bloody again soon, alright Mmmelissa?

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